Konstans Zafeiri
Professional Photographer


Awarded sophisticated high quality Fine Art Photography artworks to decorate your home – office by Konstans Zafeiri – Inlenso photography
Awarded Fine Art Photography by Konstans Zafeiri

If you decide to decorate your corporate or private interior space with my artworks, please contact me at inlenso@gmail.com or visit my ‘Contact’ section to communicate via Facebook or Instagram. I will be happy to answer all your questions concerning size, printing methods and materials, delivery details, prices and discounts.

My artworks are signed, open edition prints suitable to decorate your corporate space or home with great taste.

If you are interested in limited edition artworks, please contact me to inform you about the details of such a purchase.



Please, visit my ‘Gallery’ section, click on the subject you are interested in, for example ‘Modern Architecture’ and choose the artwork or artworks you’d like to purchase. You will find a short code in the beginning of the title of every artwork you see, for example ‘MARA011’. This is a unique code for every artwork. Use this code in our communication to indicate which print you would like to purchase.

Unique Inlenso arwork code
Unique Inlenso arwork code

I will be delighted to help you choose the right artwork for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any queries.

Thank you very much,

Konstans Zafeiri